Coldwell Banker Podium Help Hub

Podium Training Hub Overview & Podium Support

Just a quick overview of the Coldwell Banker Podium training Hub.

What is Podium & How Can it Help Me?

This was the presentation in the Tuesday morning sales meeting

STEP ONE: Connecting GMB & Facebook Page

Setting up & Connecting Google My Business & Facebook Page to Podium

STEP TWO: Uploading your Full Contact List

Two different ways to upload your full contact list

STEP THREE: Sending out your First Text Message

Let’s send out some text messages and review invites

How Did Jacky get over 20 Reviews in 2 Days?

STEP FOUR: 2 Ways to Send Bulk Texts

STEP FIVE: Step-by-Step Walkthrough of Sending Bulk Text

COMING SOON: Templates, Templates, Templates. Hooray!

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